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Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Hello and Happy Tuesday. The weather yesterday turned cooler, which I like, but I wasn't dressed for it. I had to go home at noon and put warmer clothes on. LOL

Found out Monday that my son-in-law lost his job. Three weeks before Christmas, and no job. Not good timing. I intend to see that the girls have a good Christmas, though. This is the first year I have had any money (thanks to Scott), and I'm spending it all on Rachel and Emilie.

I opened up the house yesterday so we could have all that fresh air. I'm hot at night, so I don't sleep with a lot of covers. And since I have a mouse in my house and we are making the cats sleep inside, I don't get up to let them in and out all night long, so I slept soundly. Maybe too soundly, because today my back has a kink in it.

Stamping Project: For Christmas I'm altering yearly planners. It's been fun. I bought the planners with the slip off clear vinyl covers. I got them pretty cheap at the dollar store. Took the vinyl cover off, measured and cut cardstock to fit the outside cover and attached it with adhesive. I used Yes glue on some, and regular adhesive on the others. I think I like the regular adhesive best. Yes took a long time to dry, and the paper had a tendency to slide.

After the cardstock was attached to the cover, I gathered up stamps and embellishments and went to work. I'll post a picture maybe tomorrow, if I get a chance to scan some of them. Each one is different, and I tried to make it to match the personality of the person who will receive it.

Gotta go for again soon.

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