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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Hello....I know I haven't been around much, but it's a busy time at work, a busy time at My Paper Moon, and I have a sick kitty to take care of, so I've been neglecting my blog.

The picture above was a scene I made. Lots of masking, including the circle. I like the way it turned out, though. I got the idea from Brigitta at Rubber Stamp Chat, You need to head on over there and check out her gorgeous scenes.

I've also recently joined Jeans Art Dolls, another chat and gallery. You might want to check that out also. Lots of good stuff there. The link is Very friendly people.

Now on to my sick kitty...he obviously was in a fight with another animal. I noticed a small place on his paw, but he's and inside/mostly outside cat, and he's not the friendliest cat in the world (except when he wants to be). Anyway, that was on Friday. By Tuesday it looked much worse, was much bigger. On Wednesday I took him to the vet. They found another puncture wound on his back near his tail. Anywho, they gave me antibiotics to give him and sent him home.

Zoom ahead to Tuesday. I gave him the last dose of antibiotics, but he didn't seem any better, so I called the vet and took him back. The place on his back had scabbed over, but there was a big pocket of pus and his foot was still oozing. So, I had to leave him in the kitty hospital overnight. They gave him an anesthetic, then lanced and cleaned the place on his back and worked on his paw. I brought him home Wednesday morning and he was not a happy camper. We now have a different antibiotic, which seems to be working.

So, that's where I've to you again soon.