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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Card made with no stamps...

In one of the Yahoo Groups where I'm a member, we were asked to make a card using scrapbook supplies and no stamps. This is what I came up with....

I used a rub-on for the image, matted on white, put a few eyelets and ribbon on and viola! I was done. It was more of a challenge than you would think, tho. I kept wanting to reach for my stamps! LOL

I really don't like rub-ons. They never seem to want to "rub on" for me, and I end up rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and.....

Anyway, I was happy with how it turned out and wanted to share.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Encaustic Art

Good morning!

I'm trying to stay cool and beat the heat today, so I wanted to share a new favorite technique with you today. It's Encaustic Art, and very easy to do...

In this piece I used blues and greens crayons.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

  • cardstock
  • Staz-On or permanent ink
  • stamps
  • crayons
  • aluminum foil
  • iron

And this is how you do the project:

  1. Stamp your image with a permanent ink on your cardstock. You can't stamp the image later, it won't stamp.
  2. Cover the bottom of your iron with aluminum foil and turn your iron to a low heat setting.
  3. Turn the iron upside down, so the aluminum foil is facing you and is flat. Scribble on the aluminum foil, melting the crayons.
  4. Turn the iron over and swipe across the cardstock.

You can add layers of color as you go, and you don't need to make the entire thing color...some white showing through will give it interest.

A variation of this technique is to iron the paper after stamping your image, and while the paper is still warm, color the image, then run the iron back over it to melt the wax. When I do it this way, I don't take my time and try to stay between the lines, I just want the colors to be where they should be if it's a detailed piece.

Hope you have enjoyed this technique and will try it out soon!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Take on Foil Stamping

Card made by Pam Fuda

Here is a variation on the Foil Stamping that I gave you. Pam Fuda of Australia, has kindly agreed to let me post her card and instructions here.

Pam's variation is called Candy Wrapper Cards because rather than using plain old foil you use the wrappers from different colored foil wrapped candies to color the image. Here is Pam's version:

"Stamp your acetate with Stazon or a permanent ink and let it dry. Then run the image thru a xyron machine to make it sticky on the inked side. Now working on the back side tear small pieces of the coloured foil and lay on the image where you want it. Keep putting various colours on till the whole image is coloured to your liking. This sounds very tedious but it really isn't bad. If the pieces are small I find using a pair of tweezers the easiest way to lay the foil down and it does go fairly quick once you get the hang of it.

Naturally, doing this technique, gives me the excuse to just have to buy some candy cause I need the wrappers and once opened oh gosh, the chocolate has to be eaten and not left sitting out on it's own."

This sounds like a dream come true! Stamping and eating chocolate. My kind of technique!

Hope you've gotten some inspiration today!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Foil Painting Continued

As promised, here are 2 scans of my foil painting. Very easy, and they really look elegant in person.

The easy instructions are in my previous post. Give it a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised.