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Friday, April 25, 2014


I can finally post again!  There was a glitch with my Norton software and it was blocking this and one other site.  It also wouldn't let our  3 computers "talk". But our computer guy got it all straightened out, and for now we are good to go. Until it happens again.  We have no idea what happened, how it happened, or why it happened, so it could happen again.

While I've been off sky-larking I made a few cards. I'll post them eventually, but I'm not real good at posting every day, as you well know.

Here is the first:

I'm pretty happy with the card, but I'm not sure about the reflection of the seagull.  It was an easy card to make, with a little masking, and is supposed to represent a sunset.  I will do another variation this weekend and let you decide which you like best.

Anyway, it's good to be back.