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Friday, July 27, 2012

Techniques Revisited - Part 5 (Shaving Cream)

Good morning!

One of my favorite techniques uses shaving cream.

It's very easy to do and can make your paper smell yummy!

I use a disposable dish for this.

  • I squirt a layer of shaving cream into the dish. You need a dish large enough to put your paper in without bending it. 
  • Then I put a few drops of re-inkers on top of the shaving cream and swirl it around a bit.  Don't swirl too much or the colors will get muddy.  In the above example I used a gray, a coral and a gold.  
  • Lay your cardstock face down onto the shaving cream.  Pull it up and you can either wipe away or shaving cream concoction or you can put another piece of cardstock face down on the first.  At any rate, pull them apart and remove the shaving cream.  I use a spatula for this.  
  • You can add re-inkers and do more, but eventually the shaving cream will get too muddy to use.  At that time, you can dispose of it and use other colors.

Then I stamped the swirls and bird on the paper and cut it out.  

Hope you have enjoyed this stroll down memory lane.  Let me know what other techniques you would like to see, or other things in your stash that you haven't used in awhile.

Have a colorful day...


Shelly said...

I like the shaving cream paper cut out with the nestie. It really makes a pretty card. I have enjoyed these posts as I tend to keep a lot of my older stuff even though trends move on. How about ideas for using water based markers like Tombow or Marvy?

Becky said...

I will work on some water based marker ideas...

Juliet A said...

funny, I was just thinking I would like to make more shaving cream paper! It's silly to set up for it if you aren't going to make a lot. Yours came out really nice!

Becky said...

I had paper all over the kitchen drying when my hubby came home. We went out to dinner that