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Monday, April 27, 2009

Over The Moon Monday - Technique Challenge

Good morning and welcome to another Over The Moon Monday. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The weather here was beautiful, although we need some rain very badly. I had my windows open and enjoyed the great breeze that swept through my house.

Are you ready for this weeks challenge? Then let's get started.

I was dreaming about alcohol inks Saturday morning and when I woke up I went to my studio to try out my theory. It didn't exactly turn out like in my dream, but I still like the results. I dreamed that I took masking tape and taped off sections of glossy cardstock that had been covered with a light color alcohol ink, then I recolored the glossy with a darker alcohol ink. For the masking tape I used, I just tore little strips and put them on the glossy cardstock so it would resist the second layer of alcohol ink.

Here are the results of the actual experiment:

I used masking tape that was only slightly tacky (I stick it to my clothes several times to remove some of the sticky), so the alcohol ink bled under the tape. I kind of like the effect though. I think the first section above looks like a watermelon, don't you? And the third section makes great woodgrain.

I used this piece to draw "board" lines on the piece, then stamped and colored an oak leaf and acorn It makes me think of a porch floor on an old house. You could make the boards any color, so you could also represent barns and houses, depending on the colors you use. I have made "wood" backgrounds with other techniques, but this one was quick, easy, and looks good. I just used a brown permanent marker to draw the lines. I used a very fine point marker to draw the "nails". I think it turned out very well.

For this piece I really didn't like the colors I chose to use, but I hate to throw something away until I've tried to redeem it, so I randomly applied a darker blue alcohol ink. I think the marbled effect looks good. I colored the pear a really bright green so it would stand out against the dark background. I need to lighten up the leaves, but otherwise, I think I can use it as a focal point on a card.

When you try this technique, please post a link so we can all enjoy your creations. I enjoy seeing how you interpret the technique, and I get such inspiration, so be sure to share with us.

Hope you have a wonderful week, and you get to try my "experiment".


Candy Scaccia said...

Love that wooden board look. Great job! Also think the bright green pear contrasts very well against the dark purple background.

Laura O'Donnell said...

these came out great! I haven't used alcohol inks in awhile. I wonder if I still have them? hope they didn't go out in a purge.