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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A new language?

Card created by Elise H.
The above card was made using the large awareness ribbon from My Paper Moon. I think Elise did a fantastic job, what do you think? I like the cuttlebugged background.

Have you ever noticed that stampers have a language of their own? I was just looking at the previous paragraph, and in particular at the word "cuttlebugged" and it made me chuckle. Now, if I said I cuttlebugged a background to my husband, he would look at me with a blank look, but if I said the same thing to a stamper, they would know right away what I meant. What other words do we have that are our own language? Let's compile a list by leaving a comment.

Today the weather is cooperating with my body shop experience (they are painting my boo boo), so all is well.

I hope you have an inky day.

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