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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Eagle Watching

Harriet and E9
I have become obsessed with eagle watching.  I saw on the news the video that took the internet by storm of the eagle pair that was hatching 2 eggs in Naples, Florida.  Of course, I had to watch it. Then I went to the site, which has streaming video.  And I was watching when the first little guy (E9) pipped the egg and finally hatched.  And my heart was stolen. Sadly, the 2nd egg didn't hatch, but that doesn't stop the eagle family from sitting on it.  This nest is on private property and the property owner bore the expense of putting up the cameras for our enjoyment and enlightenment.

E9 leaning on the unhatched egg
I have learned a lot about eagles. For instance, did you know Bald Eagles are not buried.  Instead, their bodies are sent to the National Eagle Repository in Colorado. It's purpose is to provide a central location for the receipt, storage, and distribution of bald and golden eagles that are found dead, and their parts. The eagles, and their parts, are shipped to qualified Native Americans for use in religious Native American ceremonies.

E9 gets fed
They are majestic birds, for sure.  And they are great parents.  The eagles on the nest I'm watching are named Harriet and M15 and the baby is E9.  Harriet used to have a mate named Ozzie (the name given to them by the people in the neighborhood when they first appeared. But because they are wild animals and not "pets", when Ozzie passed away it was decided not to give them names.  So M15 is so named because he is a male who appeared at the nest in 2015, and E9 is Eaglet 9 who has hatched.

There is another nest in northeast Florida, which is overseen by the American Eagle Foundation.  The eagle parents there are named Romeo and Juliet, and there is currently a contest to name the 2 babies at that nest.  They are about 10 days older than E9, and there is a huge difference in size and development.
Juliet with the baby eaglets
There are other eagle cams across the United States, and a quick Google search will help you find them. I encourage you to visit today.


Sue said...

A few years ago, I got so wrapped up in a live stream of an Eagles nest I think it was in MD. Three Eaglettes were hatched, and both Mama and Papa tended to them. Sadly, the Mother Eagle was killed, when hit by an airplane coming in for a landing while she was out getting food for the kids. American Indians came and got the body and did a ceremony on the grounds of the botanical garden where the nest was. It was decided that the Dad could not take care of three kids, so they went up into the nest and took them to a nearby rescue hospital. There they nurtured them and live streamed their care and growth, and the day they set them free was also a big event. Spent so many nights on the computer and learned so much, so I understand what you are talking about.


Donna Ellis said...

Thank you for sharing the photos and the sites, Becky! It's always amazing to see the eagles and other large birds of prey circling the area. What really strikes me is when I see them in the pasture, or even in our driveway. The dog wants to chase them, but I try to hold him still to not disrupt. One day we had the large blue herons. It was shocking to see how tall they were compared to my own tall height. When the kitty came around the corner and saw them, the male heron began "dancing" to look larger, and keep the cat away.

Thanks for sharing a fun Life Event on your blog, B! xoxox

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing the fabulous pictures Becky.

Hugs Diane

KT Fit Kitty said...

Just popping in for the blog hop! I'll check back later! Awesome photos here! I enjoyed seeing them!