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Thursday, October 15, 2015


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  The weather starts to get a little cooler, and I don't mind sitting out in the yard. Sometimes in the fall I miss living up north.  The nip in the air. The leaves changing color.

I love sitting out in the yard in the evenings with my 2 chickens. They enjoy getting out of the coop and catching bugs and worms, and eating yummy weeds. This is Pearl and Harriet.

I fell in love with a Hero Arts stamp set.  I fall in love with stamp sets often, but this is fast becoming one of my favorite stamps. The name of the stamp set is Color Layering Fall Leaves, and features a bare tree with branches, 5 sets of leaves, and 3 sayings.  In the card below, I used all 5 sets of leaves.

I stamped everything on watercolor paper, using different fall colors for each set of leaves; browns, red, yellows and oranges, and greens.  When I was done, I used a waterbrush to add little bits of water so the leaves would become fuzzy but not muddy.  I left a little bit of white in the tree just to add interest.  With the color that was left on the brush I added the ground beneath the tree. The Happy Fall is one of the sayings in the set.  I was so happy with the results that I made several more. I layered it on a black circle, then layered the whole thing onto a 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 card base that has been embossed with leaves. 

I am envisioning it becoming a spring tree with perhaps some pink or purple flowers, or a summer tree with multiple shades of green.  You don't have to use all 5 sets of leaves, you can add as few or as many as you want.  You could even use the bare branches for a winter tree, with some snow.

I hope you enjoy my tree as much as I do.


Donna Ellis said...

Becky! I am meeting Pearl and Harriet! HOW HAPPY AM I!!!! LOL I love that they are your buddies, and keep you company outdoors in the best time of the day. They look incredibly healthy and beautiful! I can see why you enjoy the Hero Arts stamps! I love that you used all 5 sets of leaves on the tree in different colors. Everything is still green here, but the oak trees are losing their "shine" and beginning to form their autumn dust. I heard a few acorns falling on the shed's tin roof, too, so I guess Autumn is arriving. I remember when October meant turning off the AC - not yet here, except for two mornings when it was 59. The humidity was relatively low so we opened up and let the fresh air in! My caladiums have all died back. hugs, de

Donna Ellis said...

LOL! I forgot to tell you, Becky! Two nights ago I had a dream about Pearl and Harriet! You brought them to my house to stay while you and hubby went on vacation. They loved roaming freely during the day. They lay their eggs near the front of the house, in the grass, and covered them with feathers and leaves! But I found them. They each left 2 eggs! I thanked them in my dream, and Jack was surprised that Pearl and Harriet could understand me! LOL How bizarre is that? Just thought you should know that I dream of them visiting LOL xo