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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you

You are probably wondering why I haven't posted in awhile. It's because hubby got a new toy and he's keeping me busy on the weekends, the only real time I have to play.  Here is a pic of his new toy:

Isn't it cute?  It looks much smaller than it is. Inside it has a dining area that converts to a double bed, a sink, refrigerator and 2 burner stove, and a couch that converts to bunk beds.  And it has air conditioning. He likes to cook outside, so he also sets up a camp kitchen under a canopy and we usually eat outdoors on a picnic table when camping. So we have been camping and having a good time, but I've missed stamping.

As most of you know, I live in Florida. I have followed the Casey Anthony case since Caylee was missing and people were looking for her. A couple weekends ago we were camping in our new little travel trailer (pics below), and lo and behold our neighbor was a court judge in that jurisdiction.  He was over on this side of the state to get away from all the hoopla surrounding the case. We talked about it briefly, and I continued to follow the trial on Twitter. We had such a good time playing cards, and fishing so we exchanged addresses so we could camp together again.  After we got home, he called and invited me to go to court to hear some of the Anthony case in person.  How could I turn down an offer to witness history being made?  So last Saturday, my daughter and I made the trip to Orlando, where he gave us passes to attend the trial that day. It was a very educational experience.  

To show my appreciation, I made the card below to send to him. I doubt if he's ever received a Thank You card for sending someone to court  :-)

I also made my hubby a very similar card for Father's Day.  Stamps are Stampscapes and My Paper Moon.

Hope to see you again soon....


Teresa said...

I love camping. Stampcapes are great--very nice card and no---I doubt he's ever got a thank you! Have a great day!

Sandra said...

How lucky you are the camper looks brilliant plenty of weekends away now enjoy.......:) Sandra H

Juliet A said...

Your camper looks perfect! I love camping, except for two things:
1) mosquitos at night, especially when it is too hot to stay under cover; and
2) not being able to keep the perishables cold.
Having a way to stay outdoors all day but be indoors at night, and have a refrigerator, too - that is perfect for camping!

Your story about the judge is pretty cool! A lawyer in my son's Boy Scout Troop invited my husband to watch him present a case to the Supreme Court (benefit of living near Washington D.C.) - he was thrilled to go.

Shelly said...

Your little camper looks sooo nice. I'd love to have one like that.

Your card turned out terrific. Perfect for where you met camping.

Hugs to you!!!