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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Tip Day - More Fiber Fun

WOW!! Less than 2 weeks til Christmas.  The time has snuck up on me, and I'm not ready.  Are you ready?  I did manage to get all my Christmas cards done, but I haven't finished my Christmas shopping.  Yikes, I'd better get a move on.

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Now, let's get some more fiber tips!  Some of these may also be used for scrapbooking. I like that you can use fibers in multiple places.

You can use fibers to:

  • Map out your vacation route with fiber threaded through eyelets (great scrapbook page)
  • Spell out the greeting, using fibers to stitch out the letters
  • Make a frame around a stamped image.
  • Use as laces on paper pieced shoes (great for paper pieced sneakers)
  • Use fibers to tie 2 or more elements together
  • Scarf on a stamped or paper pieced snowman
  • Create bows
  • Fringe on animals
  • Build a water/mountain outline
  • Attach a tail to a kit
  • Use for seaweed
  • Make clotheslines for hanging small clothes with tiny pins.
  • Stitching a template design
  • To hang or attach buttons or charms
  • Use to hang signs from buttons, brads or eyelets
Can you think of other uses for fibers?  Please leave a comment and let us know.

I don't know if I will get to post again before Christmas, but I'll try.  If not, have a great Christmas.


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