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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shopping's Done! Whew!

I've been so busy lately, I hadn't had time to do ANY Christmas Shopping. I was beginning to worry, but this morning my daughter called, the granddaughters were with their other grandmother, and did I want to go shopping? Can you spell relief?

My hubby and I had decided what to get the oldest granddaughter, Rachel (I can't tell you what it is, she might read my blog), told me which store to get it at and where it was located in the store. My daughter and I went to the store, and it wasn't there! We went through every article in every part of that section, and it wasn't there! I was beginning to panic! I finally tracked down a salesperson, and he said, "Oh, my employees packed those up to send back." Now I was really starting to panic. However, he looked in the stockroom, and lo and behold, they hadn't been sent back yet! Thank goodness his employees were inefficient!

Then we had to shop for the 4 year old. With all the toy recalls, what to get her? We finally settled on a 4-in-one doll carriage for her new baby doll that Santa's leaving, and some play food for her new Dora kitchen (also from Santa).

Would you believe I'm still making Christmas cards? I still have about 12 to make. I think I can crank them out tomorrow. I hope so!

It's very hot and humid (sorry to all you who are in the north and midwest with your snow and ice storms. I would welcome some cooler weather. It just doesn't seem like Christmas when it's this warm.

Well, we attended my hubby's Christmas party last night, and a Christmas party tonight, and I'm about all done in. We only have a get-together with my brother and sisters from out of town next Sunday evening, and that's fine with me. I need to make time one evening to go with the granddaughters to look at Christmas lights. We have some lovely decorated homes in our neighborhood, and then we go to the next town to look at theirs, and it's always a fun time.

So, it's off to bed for me. I hope you have sweet dreams, and have a restful day tomorrow. And remember to take some time to craft.

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