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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Masking Tape Technique

This is a very easy card to make.

You will need:
White cardstock (glossy or plain)
Masking Tape
Several colors or dye ink
(or Brilliance pigment ink if you are using glossy cardstock)
Stipple brushes
Small stamps

1. Tear long pieces of masking tape off the roll and stick themto your clothes. (Yes, I know this sounds strange, but itremoves some of the stickiness so it won't tear your cardstock when you remove it later).

2. Remove the masking tape from your clothes and tear random pieces of the masking tape into strips. The narrower the strips the better.

3. Place the torn strips on the white cardstock (see picture below).

4. With your stipple brush, randomly apply your dye ink to the cardstock, leaving the masking tape in place. If you are using glossy cardstock, Brilliance ink looks great, giving it a glimmery sheen. If you are using regular cardstock, regular dye ink works well, too. See the following picture.

5. Leaving the masking tape still in place, randomly stamp your images all over the cardstock, the closer together the better. You can even overlap images if you desire. See the photo below.

6. Now carefully remove the masking tape. The masking tape will still be wet, so don't get the ink on your fingers and smear it on your beautiful card.

7. Trim the finished piece and fit it on your card and viola! A beautiful masterpiece.

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Andrea said...

Very cool!!