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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Flicking and Flinging Fun

What in the world?

I had so much fun making these cards.  I'm not much of a flower person, and I can't tell a begonia from a petunia (well, maybe I'm not THAT bad), so to be able to add dibs and dabs of color was perfect for me.

Here are a couple of my creations. Sorry they aren't straight, but I wasn't feeling well when I took the pictures.

These cards are very easy to make.  This blog has all the information (including videos) that you need to create your own flower masterpiece.  I did watch the video to see how in the world she got the long stems, and it was well worth the time spent.

This one resembles poppies, I think.  Or a field of some kind of red flowers.   I just started with watercolor paper and watercolored a basic background of blue sky and green grass.  After that was dry, then the fun began.  Now, this is a messy process, so be aware of that before you start.  But anyone who knows me knows that I'm not afraid to get dirty making art. I have a little 3 sided box that I put stuff in that catches overspray, etc., and it was put to use making these cards. 

Once your background is dry, get out several shades of green acrylic paint.  I had 2 shades of green, and made a 3rd shade by adding a little white to the darkest.  Then start flicking the acrylic paint from your paintbrush onto the watercolor paper.  If you use the brush to flick the paint off your finger, you will get the long stems.  That's what I called flinging.  :-)  It doesn't take long for the acrylic paint to dry.

When that was dry I then added my flowers and flicked a little bit of that color onto the bottom part of the card as well.  Looks like a windy day with leaves and petals blowing around.  :-)  

I had so much fun, I made about 6 or 8 of these cards. Of course, every one is different, and every one had different colored or multicolored flowers. And they can be used for a multitude of occasions.

I hope you try this, and I hope you have fun.  I will definitely do this again.  Soon.

Inky hugs,

1 comment:

Donna Ellis said...

wow wow WOW! What fabulous mini creations crying out to be framed and displayed, Miss Becky! Beautifully done. I admire all the techniques you try out (quite successfully, I might add), and all the fun results you share with us! Beautiful!

BTW, did you notice you are a winner at Cardz 4 Galz for your ATCs?