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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Stars at Night

Hello everyone.

I remember, as a child, laying outside at night on a blanket, looking up at the night sky and seeing all the stars. Then you grow up and life gets busy and the time slips away.

Recently, my husband and I have been going camping, and I love sitting out at night, sometimes with a campfire, but sometimes without.  Depending on where you are and the amount of light pollution, you can still see the stars.  Sometimes we can see the International Space Station as it goes across the night sky.  Which prompted me to make this card.

Imagine that you are looking up through a forest of trees, looking at all the stars.

I can't wait to go camping again....

See you next time...


Donna Ellis said...

What great depth and color! Just a touch of fantasy and a whole lot of beauty! Becky, you have definitely captured the wonder of sleeping outside, under the stars, and I can even hear the crickets and pond froggies chirping! Of course, there are NO mosquitos! Do Hariet and Pearl enjoy camping, too? Beautiful card! Hugs, de

Juliz Design Post said...

What a great card and flashed me back to my camping days as a child too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Julie x