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Monday, March 8, 2010

Over The Moon Monday - Sponging

Good morning!  Welcome to Over The Moon Monday.  This is my 250th post!

Did you have a great weekend?  The weather here in Florida is finally warming up a bit. I don't want it to get too warm yet.  I'm enjoying the coolness. Like I tell my hubby, I can always add more clothes, but when it gets hot in the summer I can't always take more clothes off.  I'll take the cool weather any day.

I always enjoy my weekend, but I look forward to Monday so I can share with you.  Today I want to share some cards using the sponging technique.

Since so many of you have had lots of snow this winter, I chose to make snow scenes.  The stamps are from The Angel Company. 

I like to pick 3 colors to use when I'm sponging a sky. And depending on which colors you use, it can look like a morning sky, or an evening sky.  Cardstock makes a difference, too.  Glossy cardstock can give you a lighter sky.

I think the first card looks like a morning sky.  I used post-it notes torn to make a ragged edge as the horizon.  Then I sponged my lightest color of ink onto the cardstock.  Moving up a bit, I sponged the 2nd lightest color, and finally at the top I sponged the darkest color, being sure to overlap them some to blend.  The top card is on glossy cardstock.  I punched a yellow circle to be the sun/moon.

On the 2nd card, I used regular cardstock.  The colors tend to be darker because it takes more ink to cover the cardstock.  This could be an early morning or twilight card. Again, I overlapped the colors to blend them.  And again, I used a punch to make the moon.

On the yellow card, this is definately going from midday to evening. If I had reversed the colors on the cardstock, it would have been daybreak.

Instead of using a punched out sun/moon, I used the negative space from where I punched the others, and sponged in the sun.  I like the's softer.

The next card, is definately evening/night. I used several colors of dark blue and purple, and they are subtly blended. I used a white gel pen to add falling snow, and added some crystal clear glitter to the snow to give it a glisten.  You can't see it in the scan, though.

I hope you have enjoyed the cards for this week.  I have enjoyed making them, and if you need any further information on sponging, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and ask. 

I hope you have a great week.  If you get to try your hand at sponging skies, please leave a link in the comment section. We'd all like to enjoy your creation. And you never know, I might just decide to give out a little blog candy, and you might be the lucky winner.

See you next week!

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