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Monday, March 2, 2009

Over The Moon Monday

I am starting a new "Monday" Event here at my blog, called Over The Moon Monday. I will either show you a technique, give you a challenge, give away blog candy, or some other fun event. So, whenever you see the cow jumping over the moon, you'll know we're going to do something fun.

Today, I would like to teach you how to make a background using toilet paper and acrylic paints, called Faux Handmade Paper. The sample below was made by Wendy Kerr. The faux handmade paper is the blue/gray paper behind the dove.

For this project you will need a couple of complementary colors of acrylic paint, some cardstock, and some cheap toilet paper. The cheap toilet paper breaks down much quicker, which is what you want. You might also want to use rubber gloves and you will need paper to lay down on your desk to work on.

First you will put some of the lighter color acrylic paint on your toilet paper and pounce up and down on the cardstock, in random locations. The toilet paper will start to degrade and leave bits of colored toilet paper on your cardstock. This is exactly what you want it to do. Just make sure the pieces left behind are small. I usually flatten them down on the cardstock. When you are happy with the color, use the next color of acrylic paint. Just don't overwork it too much or your colors will get muddy. When you are happy with the results, let the cardstock dry and you will have some fantastic background paper that looks like handmade paper.

I hope you will give this technique a try, and post a link back here so we can all enjoy your endeavors.

Until my next post, have a happy Monday.


Laura O'Donnell said...

sounds easy enough, I just wonder if my tp is cheap enough. maybe I'll raid a public restroom tomorrow!

got my order today - love them! Ive already inked up the bunny family. thanks so much!

Shelly said...

Becky taught me to make this and it is fun and easy to do, but the results are beautiful. I have to get my cheap toilet paper out of my stamping cupboard and make some more.