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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Your Journey

Card by B. J. Albrecht, image by My Paper Moon

We are all on a creative journey. Some of us may be new to stamping and just beginning our journey. What fun to learn new techniques and buy new stamps and supplies. Remember the first time you saw embossing powder melt? Everything is new and fresh. The world is our canvas.

Others may be in the intermediate stage, still learning new techniques, but now we have a knowlege of what the basic techniques are, and we have a lot of the basic tools. We are still thirsting for more. More variety of stamps, more variety of techniques, more variety of supplies. And we love to join swaps and see what others are up to, exchange ideas, and learn new things. Our journey is like an extended vacation. Still exciting and still lots of places to go.

Still others are advanced stampers. We are still thirsting for knowledge, and love a creative challenge. We may be strictly stampers with the traditional supplies, or we may be branching out into mixed media and other forms of expression. I don't think we ever get enough of our craft. We continue to learn every day and we are not afraid to take risks, to try new things, to get our hands dirty. Our journey is everchanging, we are like gypsys, going wherever our whims take us. We have a lot of stamps in our passport. And what fun to be on such an unstructured journey.

Think about it. Where is your creative journey taking you?

Happy crafting...


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