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Saturday, December 1, 2007

More Christmas

Good afternoon! I've been a busy girl today. After making out my Christmas Card list, and checking it twice, I found that I don't have anough cards made. And this is after I made 200 cards! Of course, I mailed off 140 of those to the troops.

So, I got busy, and made 10 more, but I still have a few more to make to have enough for MY list. And hubby hasn't given me HIS list yet!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few more cards for inspiration.

This card is a matchbook card.I really like to make these cards, and they are soooooo easy!

I liked the look of this card....very soothing with the blues and purples. In case you didn't know it, blue is my favorite color.

And a snowman card. I love snowmen! This is another matchbook card. The scan doesn't snow it, but there are also white snowflakes stamped along with the blue ones.

I hope you have gotten some inspiration today, and I hope you get some crafting done.

I have a busy weekend ahead...making more Christmas cards, going to dinner with my daughter and her family, and tomorrow we'll be going to the cemetary to put the Christmas flowers on my parent's graves.

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