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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Candle Stamping

Today we will make this candle.The supplies you will need are:

white tissue paper
stamps of your choice
dye inkpads
white candle
waxed paper
heat gun
glue stick

First, stamp your images on white tissue paper.

Cut out around the images, leaving about 1/8" to 1/4" of tissue paper.

Using the glue stick, lightly put 1 dab of glue on the image to hold it in place on the candle, and arrange the images on the candle until it's pleasing to the eye.

Using the waxed paper, place it around the images and candle. Use a large enough piece so that you have a "handle" to hold. It will need to be tight around the candle.

With the heat gun, heat the waxed paper. You will be able to see the tissue paper heat into the candle. Keep the heat gun moving at all times so you don't melt the candle. You only want the tissue paper to disappear.

At some point you will need to remove the waxed paper and re-arrange it in order to heat the candle where the "handle" was.

Remove the waxed paper and viola! A beautiful candle to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

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