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Friday, January 5, 2007


Good morning! I'm sooooo glad it's Friday, even though this has been a short week for me. I'm tired and need to catch up on my rest.

If you would like to check out my My Space page, the url is It's kind of cheeky, and lots of fun to load graphics and mess around. My jokester page, if you will.

Will do payroll today and close out the week, then try to move all my files to another computer. The computer I'm using here (at work) is not my original computer, and it's too slow. Last year we had 2 computers get struck with lightning. We had them rebuilt, and since this was the first one done, this is the one I got to work with. It used to be the one on the front counter, and it always had problems. Mine is now sitting on the front counter, so I'm going to transfer all the files and GET MY COMPUTER BACK!

If I have to deal with the local elementary school 6 more years I'm going to need blood pressure medicine or something. Late last year they put in those traffic bumps. Lots of them, and they are high. Also, the person who stands out by where you drop the kids off in the morning has a habit of talking to people, quite lengthy conversations, meaning the line doesn't move very quickly, and one of these mornings Rachel is going to be late for school. Then today, this jerk decides to drop his kids off before he starts around the circle, holding up everyone behind him. The kids weren't very fast at getting out of the car, either, so by the time we got to the drop off place, the bell was ringing. I hope Rachel wasn't late.

Okay, I'm going to stop ranting now and get to work.

Talk to you later...

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