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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Fun Weekend

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Sometimes life gets in the way!

Anyway, Saturday afternoon I had to run some errands, and on the way I passed a sign that said "Parade Float Staging Area". Parade? What parade? I didn't know there was a parade. Hmmm.

Anyway, I did my errands and got home around 5:30 p.m. Hubby, Scott, was going to grill steaks, with a greek salad, but my mind was racing.

I called Christy to see what Emilie and Rachel were doing, but she wasn't home. Neither was Rachel, it turns out. She was at her other grandmother's. At this point I still don't even know what time the parade starts.

After a couple of phone calls I find out it starts at 6 p.m. Yikes! I'd better get a move on. Scott says to take Em to the parade, he'll wait on fixing dinner.

So, I call Presley and ask what Em's doing. She's taking a nap. Well, how long has she been asleep? About an hour. Well, wake her up and get her dressed, we're going to a parade. Okay, but she was nasty when I put her to bed. Get her up anyway.

So, I get to their house, and Em is ready and sitting on her bed. Not in a good mood. I talk her into going anyway. We get in the car and she is instantly a good child. I don't know if she's had supper or not, but we'll find something to snack on while we watch the parade.

So, we did. We got there about 6 p.m., but the parade started north of us, so we got there in plenty of time. It was just a short parade, but Emilie was delightful. She waved to the people in the parade and wished them a Merry Christmas.

Then we came home and ate by candlelight (and firelight) in the backyard. We toasted marshmallows (she didn't like them), then we came inside and made a few snowflakes at a really cool website, then she went to bed and watched TV (after snacking with Scott) until she fell asleep.

Then, this morning, at first light, up pops Emilie. She has this thing about getting up as soon as the sun comes up. We went to the kitchen, where she stamped awhile and we sang songs, until Scott got up. She got tickled because he was in his underwear. She has the cutest giggle and a smile that will stop your heart.

We went to breakfast, where she ate a lot of French toast. She LOVES French toast. I could have made it for her, but it's more fun to go out and have French toast and "cow's milk". I don't know where she got the "cow's milk" from, but it's cute.

After a short trip to the grocery store, where she was a gem, we took her home.

I stamped awhile this afternoon and Scott created a new dish that was yummy. And now it's off to bed so I can start a new week (and hopefully keep up with this better) tomorrow.

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