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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Confused...and the story of the cat door

Boy, am I confused. I don't know what day I thought yesterday was, but this morning I thought it was Tuesday, and this afternoon I thought it was Thursday. I even did my Thursday Discussion of the Day for my Inky Stampin' Friends today. Then I had to go back and check to make sure I did my Commercials for the groups I'm in today. I will probably think tomorrow is Friday.

Made some logos for a church that I manage their website. I have 7 websites I take care of now. It's not a difficult job, just time consuming at times. I enjoy doing it though, so it's okay.

My catboys are driving me crazy. Let me tell you the story of their cat door. They used to have a cat door that came in our kitchen window. It was open all the time as it was under our screened porch, although it had an actual door that we could close and latch if we needed to. Hubby made them an entrance into the porch, then they would come up a ramp, into the kitchen, and then onto the floor.

Well, one night I was sitting at the kitchen table stamping (it was quite late - I couldn't sleep), and I hear a noise behind me. Thinking it's a cat, I take my time turning around, and lo and behold, there is an opossum in my kitchen sink, drinking water from a cup.

Scott was in bed, so I went yelling into the bedroom for him to get up and get the opossum out of the kitchen. They can be quite mean, you know, if you corner them, and they have sharp little teeth. I could just see myself getting rabies from an oppossum. NOT! Anyway, I couldn't get him to wake up, so back to the kitchen I went.

I started shooing the blasted thing out of the kitchen. It went straight to the cat door, opened it up and went down the ramp, leading me to believe it had been in my kitchen before. Needless to say, I closed and latched the door so it couldn't get back in. It tried, though.

So, we no longer have a cat door. And cats, being nocturnal, want to come in and out all night. So they sit under the bedroom window and meow until someone gets up and lets them in. And who do you think that is? Hmmmm???? Yes, it's me! Or mostly me. Occasionally Scott will hear them and let them in, but usually I am the door-person.

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